Tuesday, April 2, 2013


A little girl holds her mom's hand as she walks to the school bus on her first day of kindergarten.  She has two pony-tails flopping on the side of her head,with her white lace socks, and cute little dress.  Her mom is so proud of her first born and is sad to let her go. On the bus ride home after an exciting first day, two fifth graders surround this little girl's friend, his name is Trevor (not his real name). The fifth graders taunt and pick on Trevor saying that he is ugly and fat. The older kids don't stop and continue barking hurtful words at him.  The girl turns around to look at Trevor's face.  Beneath his glasses, tears stream down as he continues to take the abuse. The girl stands up, glances back at Trevor's devastated facial expression, and takes one mighty punch to the nose of the older boy picking on Trevor. The sweet girl gets off the bus, greets her mom, and hands her a pink slip saying she is kicked off the bus for the week.
Rewind 20 years later and this girl is now at a University Masters class.  The class clown and guy that everyone thinks is the greatest is making fun of a man speaking that has a strong accent. The guy in class tries to get the girl, who is now a woman, to join in on rudely making a joke about someone else. She turns to him and says "leave him alone".  She said since she was young, she sticks up for those who can't stick up for themselves. This little girl who is now in her late twenties...is me. There is never an excuse to bully other people. Often times the person using hurtful words is hurting themselves. Every person was made as an original. A unique and perfectly sculpted individual that is incredibly loved by God. You are an original,  it is not a benefit to try and fit in with the ones making fun of others.  You were made as an original, not a copy. EPHESIANS 2:10. For we are in his workmanship, created in Christ Jesus for his good works, which God prepared beforehand, that we should walk in them. 


  1. Thank you for beautifully writing about the many trials of life and also giving a scripture to reflect on those moments. It is a welcome relief to hear how many of the trials we encounter in our lives can be directly related to the bible for clarity. In the world today it is easy to get busy and loose sight of that. My daughter and I follow your blog as we find it inspiring and positive. Lets all hope we can raise such strong women to stand up for what is right. Thank you for inspiring many. God Bless! Love from MN

  2. Hello,

    I really appreciate that very nice email you sent me. I am thankful that you and your daughter enjoy reading my blog. I find it inspiring that families are coming together to raise their children with the Lord in mind. I grew up in a similar household, but once I moved away for college is when all the things I learned from my childhood were tested. I believe it is difficult for this generation to stay strong in their faith. Once I started making God the center of my life I did start to loose friends, had to say no to things I used to say yes to, and learned to be okay being not invited to every party anymore.

    Please let your daughter know that when she stays strong in the little things and follows what God tells us, she will be blessed with bigger things. Since I have made changes in my life I am no longer self conscious of my looks, met my wonderful fiance who respects and encourages me to be a better person, and I no longer struggle with feeling empty.
    Thank you again for reading. Have a great week:)

    All the best to you and your family!