Friday, March 29, 2013


Driving in a downtown city can sometimes feel like an obstacle course getting from one point to the next.  In Phoenix Arizona, it's a melting pot of drivers from different walks of life. Arizona is known for its "snow birds",  mid-west natives moving to the warm summer sun, and  California beach tanners looking for  low cost living. Driving on the same lane as these people is a daunting experience every day . Imagine the country slow and steady with the California race car driver. I soon learned if I want to meet a "friend” quickly driving on my direct flight road, we call highways, I get the finger and I give them a wave with a smile. Fair trade off I think?  While I feel the bitterness rise inside me I remember what the bible tells us. James 1:19-20. My dear brothers take note of this, everyone should be quick to listen, slow to speak, and slow to become angry. For a man's anger does not bring out the righteous life God desired. One day I was in traffic with rude, crude, and anxious drivers I could feel myself bursting with irritation; like how a weed tries to stretch through the pavement.  I looked up asking God to help me be calm and saw this scene (you see above).  The sky reminded me that my anger can be like the dark clouds surrounding  the bright light that we all have inside of us.  I was thankful for this reminder and I wanted to share it. Drive safe out there!

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