Monday, September 1, 2014


I love writing. What I enjoy most, is that often times I'm just as surprised by the words on the page as the people reading. It can be the same thing as when people have a talent they never knew was in their capability until discovered. It's a fascinating concept to see people who have an ability that comes natural to them. How can one execute a talent with such grace and elegance while others struggle? I would say capability matched with dedication are the pure ingredients to a new formula of imagination. 

I've been greatly interested in someone that has followed through with such gifts he had within. His name is Tim Walker, a famous photographer and dreamer. He was born in England in the 1970s and his passion for photography was born from a working at the Conde Nast Library in London. He went on to get a BA Honors degree in photography from Exeter College of Art. Soon after he worked as a freelance photographic assistant, to a full time photographer in New York, and with patience he graced the pages of Vougue. It was only at the mere age of 25 that his career took off and the devotion to his talent grew. 

Tim Walker's photos are somewhat of something a person would dream up. A little glimpse of childhood insight. Or, what many claim as an "out of the box thinker." Not all photos are what I would personally choose. However, through his lens there is the realization that sometimes the way we are used to doing things may not always be the only approach. Today, I give you photographer made artist...

Mr. Tim Walker.

all photographs by Tim Walker

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