Sunday, September 7, 2014


Hello friends,

Please press play on the music player. It's located on the top of this page "Oblivian" by the Indians

Currently, I'm spending the week at Rancho La Puerta. Voted the #1 Destination Resort Span in THE WORLD by Travel & Leisure magazine AND Conde Nast Traveler. How did I get here? Good question, I will tell you the short version in one 

The longer version is I'm a reader of blogs, pray, and research constantly. I was reading a blog Bohemian Kate and saw she was hired at Rancho La Puerta as a blogger. One web-tab led to another and I contacted the ranch to see if they hired for live music. My fiance is a very talented musician and because of his talent and my business expertise, we are here a year later.

Prior to arriving at the Ranch there was a lot of people telling us their fears about a place so wonderful being true. A Resort Spa that invites you to stay for an entire week, everything paid, freedom to enjoy classes led by the most experienced people in the world, four course meals, and employees helping us with anything we need at all times? All for Nick playing his beautiful music for two days(50 minutes per day)? It sounds too good to be true, but the real truth is, we are here in disbelief ourselves. 

It made me think...sometimes the only person holding us back from accomplishing our goals in life is not the person interviewing you for a job you didn't get, not the person who tries to stop you, but it's the missing faith in God and faith in yourself that great things can happen. If you push through the hard parts in life, learn, and grow it's amazing what happens next. Good family and friends are amazing cheerleaders too! 

I really hope this encourages more people to reach high, serve long, and love hard. 



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  1. Looks like a Beautiful place.. You deserve it. Many Blessings to you both.. Love You.. Mom