Monday, March 10, 2014


Not long ago I went to visit my grandparents, who also live in Arizona, and they showed me pictures of their cabin in the Midwest. To be dramatic, it looked like someone spilled a bottle of whiteout on the photo! I'm here, living in Arizona, while the rest of my family and friends are fighting nature to get outside their homes. 

For the first time, in a very long time, it rained in Arizona and someone told my fiance "God must want everyone to be closer together". I thought about what that meant and couldn't figure it out. I found out that what he meant by that is, when the weather is not fit for being outside, people tend to be forced to stay closer together. 

I have a hard time not going into deep thought about many of life's little mysterious and had a moment of clarity. Arizona is full of beautiful weather, but why are people always seeming a little more rude than in the mid-west when I drive down the interstate everyday? Or, why are there less people smiling and laughing when they live in a warm-lovely state? I'll answer my own question and say... because the weather is so nice there is a loss of TOGETHERNESS. Mother nature doesn't force playing together in Arizona and's much needed sometimes! Play nice out there. 

Dear Mid-West Winters,

Mother Nature isn't being mean to you, she just wants you to be closer together.

All the Best,

photos from Grandpa and Grandma's cabin