Saturday, March 29, 2014



I just got back from an amazing experience and a much needed day in Jerome AZ. For a while, there has been a rustling in me, wanting to take a "day vacation" solo. Most people I told about this said no don't go; it's too dangerous, it's too far, what's wrong...even though I appreciated the love from those I care about most, I know I needed to go. I didn't make plans other than to take a lot of pictures and let my own voice be my guide. Little did I know this trip was a healing experience I had been ignoring for quit sometime. Things have happened in life that I had no control over. Some affected me more than others. My little sister is getting married soon and I couldn't be more excited! With that also comes a lot of stuffed pain from the death of my other sister Kristy. This journey to Jerome was definitely one that I discovered sometimes you just have to get out on the open road...and trust in your own inner voice. 

I found myself in the bustling streets full of bikers and tourists. Each store I walked into demonstrated the personality of the person who owned it. I met a lady from the UK who was running a little shop for her brother. She had only been working there for a few weeks, and had intentions on not staying long. In the 1970s, when her and her brother were younger she used to live in Jerome and expressed her sadness in how it changed so much since shes been gone. "The cash cow has taken over" she said; taking over and filling it with unfamiliar people.

Everyone has a story if you stop to listen. Mine isn't so interesting. I have hope though, that it will inspire you to live out yours to the fullest. 

IMPORTANT! I added a new music player feature to my blog. I wanted you to listen to one of the songs on my ipod as I was walking the streets of Jerome AZ. 

Click play on the music player (top left) and enjoy the photos:)

lunch view

perfect spot to rest 

where the artists of Jerome make their clay masterpieces

there were many signs saying to turn around and this was the end of where the tourists could go. unfortunately they don't know me well...and past that sign is where I saw all of what you'll see next

"beauty is in the eye of the beholder." my favorite photos of the day. 

all photos taken by Mandy Dullinger. See...I bet you felt like you were there the entire time:)


  1. WOW, Nice. You Continue to AMAZE ME. All my LOVE ALWAYS.. Mom

  2. Just listening to myself and it leads me:) Love you!! Really excited for Jessi's wedding and to see everyone!

  3. Mandy, you have a heart of gold and I'm so glad you followed that inner voice and went on this adventure! We all need time to be still, for healing, for worshipping, for God. You have already done and are going to do AMAZING things in this world...keep following that voice!

  4. Mandy - You are truly and amazing women. Thank you for letting us share your adventure.

  5. Thank you for all the kind words:)