Sunday, January 26, 2014


I have always felt that there are people in the world that are either creative or analytical (logical reasoning). If you think about it, not just the artists, musicians, and performers are creative people...but also the construction workers, the interior designers, and even teachers. When I was younger, my art classes, writting, and psychology came easy to me; i didn't have to try hard to do well. But, because I'm stubborn and like to take on the challenges in life that are the hardest = greater victories, I decided to look further in business. I felt like my brain hurt studying for theses classes because using the right side of my brain (creative) came much more natural than the left. Through this experience I realize that people have the capacity to be both analytical and creative. It's just a matter of doing what makes you happy and the more we exercise either the creative or structured side of ourselves will lead us to a potential we never knew we had. Moral of the story, it takes staying dedicated and practice to see the beauty that's inside us all:)

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