Wednesday, January 15, 2014


Well hello,
I just got done watching a great movie this weekend and can't help myself but to share it. Anyone that knows me would say I may be crossing the line of watching a few too movies in my time. I find the movies I love the most are independent films that capture the essence of "reality"; meaning the good and the bad of any perspective. A movie I just watched, not recommended for children, was August:Osage County, in theaters now. The reason I like it is not for the use of language, or hard to watch family dynamics, but for the honesty and thought provoking way it left me when it ended. I left the theater thinking about the "normal" of every family. How we grow up and the ways we were raised tend to carry over into the next generation of children we have. I notice all the time things my grandparents do that my parents immulated in my upbringing, the things I love. I find it so fascinating! Each family has a history, a story, a reality that shaped...YOU. 

Here are some pictures below from the movie: August Osage County, a family that you could say are insane. One person's way of doing things that seems different, may be another's comfort. Watching the movie I realize the missing ingredient is clear...the glue that keeps families together is God. Without him, I can't imagine.  

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