Friday, December 27, 2013


Tis the time to gather your experiences from the previous year, take the good and leave the bad behind..time to turn to the new chapter in your life. Write down your hopes, goals, and passions for yourself and the ones that surround you. I really don't like that a single day is declared as a day for a change, every day I hope to be a chance for a new beginning:)
When I first started this blog I talked about the difference between motivation and discipline. Since alot of us are on our new years resolutions I think a good look at DRIFTING IN AND OUT hopefully will help us all rediscover what a resolution really means:

DRIFTING IN AND OUT (click here)

For the year 2014...whaaaat! I want to:
1. eat less sugar 
2. see more of the places I've never been (get out of the routine)
3. talk less about myself, listen more
4. get into nursing school
5. spend more time with kids
6. be more encouraging 
7. pray on my knees
8. go to Minnesota more often to see family
9. get all my pictures from sim cards into photo albums
10. play more board/card games

What's a resolution you have this year? Thank you for reading all you beauties out there! 

photo by a "beautiful mess

photo by "a beautiful mess"

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