Thursday, December 12, 2013


Happy Holidays!
I have been finding the best videos this month so I wanted to share with you another one. The video I posted below was made by Michael Heiland, a high school student in Arizona. I can't believe how talented some people are at such a young age! They see more than we may think. Michael really captured the beauty of Arizona which can easily be missed between working, running from one place to the next, and not taking the time to just enjoy each moment.

I am going to do something new ...if any of you would like, please send me a picture of somewhere beautiful in your own outdoors this Winter season. I want to encourage the photographer in you! lol. You can send photos to I look forward to seeing them all and I will be posting them next month!
Love to you all...keep warm my family in Minnesota!!

The Valley from Michael Heiland on Vimeo.

from the blog a beautiful mess. The girls that created the blog are amazing photographers and have the best recipes!
photos by a beautiful mess


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