Sunday, May 4, 2014



I have found something, a secret, to be my interior decorator free of charge. 
1. this something is the same distance from me as it is to you
2. it uses the most beautiful color pallet I've ever seen in art
3. it changes the design plan every time I pay a visit

Can you guess what decorates my home? 
Most importantly flowers in full bloom is what decorates my home and gives me the ideas for where to put color.

Nick surprised me with some of my favorite pretty flowers today. Here are a few photos of how flowers can transform a drab spot to look completely different. Looking at the colors outside give me all the ideas I need for the colors that go together best!


(Above) These are considered bush plants, or some are "weeds". I recently like to combine them, wrap them with a palm leaf and give them to people sometimes when I visit 

(Above) this is a mint plant I'm growing outside. I put it in water with a lemon for drinking. The jar is a pickle jar that can be reused into glassware.

(Above) The same flowers you saw earlier were separated and made into a bouquet of it's own. I like to use about half of a flower bushel alone and the other half I mix. That way, what seems like a little, can turn into a lot of flowers spread throughout the house.

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