Saturday, July 6, 2013


The beautiful bride
Son hugging his mom right before getting married
So young and so many possibilities
A mom watching her youngest daughter walk down the aisle for the first time

 Unified  to become one with God

During the wedding ceremony I can remember the pastor repeatedly saying a marriage is going to be hard, it's not about emotion, it's not about liking each other all the time...'s about commitment and love. Any relationship takes dedicated time and patients to grow.  One of God's greatest gifts is a marriage, to be with someone that builds you up, encouraging you in life. Your spouse is a supporter in all things good and cares about your soul above everything else. As I mature and get older I am learning that my words and actions have a major impact on the outcome of any situation.  Marriage and falling in love is the easy part...but staying together is a blessing in itself! 

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  1. Your the best- Love you Mandy!