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Kara Rosenlund, a genuine person that sees the sky with no limits, a life of boundless beauty, and a place called home she finds the most inspirational. Clarte had an opportunity to catch up with Kara to dig deeper behind the person that displays the most mesmerizing photographs seen throughout the world. When Clarte reached out to Kara she responded with grace and kindness that made her story even more captivating. The vision for her life in Australia demonstrates a fullness of simplicity and wholesome endeavors. She's a Photographer, prop stylist, explorer, started Travelling Wares caravan pop up, a teacher, and the list goes on. Kara's visual storytelling is impressed upon by the adventures of life and the limitations are...none. 
In 2003 she was acclaimed as the youngest person to win the Canon Australian Institute of Professional Photography AIPP Photography of the year title. Her work has been displayed in prestigious published work such as the UK Elle Decoration, Remodelista, and Country Style to name a few. Now to introduce to you, UK Interiors Elle Decoration's "a modern Martha Stewart", Kara Rosenlund. 
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all photographs are from Kara Rosenlund's website

Clarte: Often, a passion starts at a young age and develops as a person gets older- what interests did you have as a child? How did those interests develop into adulthood?

Kara: I've always been a very visual person so shaping a career out of my loves happened quite organically.  When I was in high school, I always had my camera by my side.  I would forgo my weekends and school holidays and would spend them doing short courses in photography.  I then went on to study photography and have never looked back.  It has definitely shaped my career.

Clarte: You said once that when you were on a buying trip in France you saw a group of Romanian gypsy women selling antique linens from a caravan. What about that memory impacted to buy your own caravan (Frankie) and turn it into a business called Traveling Wares? When you started Traveling Wares, what did you hope to accomplish?

Kara: I loved the simplicity and the freedom of a travelling retailer and the beautiful vintage linen was completely my style aesthetic.   The little caravan stood out against all the other market stalls and had such a refreshing sense of lifestyle. When I launched Travelling Wares, all I really wanted was for people to see beautiful old wares in a different light and cherish them as much as I do.


Clarte:  There is the saying, to be a jack of all trades or a master of one.  You are highly accomplished in your life with Traveling Wares, Photography, Styling, Traveling, and a teacher of vignette classes.  You've done so well at many wonderful things. What pushes you from being motivated to being disciplined in your career passions? 

Kara:  I simply just love what I do.  I feel so fortunate to have the desire and drive to run my own business however I think it’s my upbringing that has definitely shaped my discipline when it comes to hard work and getting on with it.

Clarte:  You have many great ideas that have blossomed into a lifestyle. What advice would you give someone who’s working a comfortable job they don’t like to take a risk doing something they love?  Where do they start?

Kara:  If you have a passion then follow it!  Develop your ideas and have a rough plan….. then jump into it.  The quicker you start the quicker you’ll get there.  By the way – go part time with the ‘not so desirable job’ while your transitioning - Cash flow makes it easier.

Clarte:  During your travels throughout the world, where is the most inspiring place for you? What about that place inspired you? 

Kara:  My native Australia.   The colour palette, the vastness and the sense of isolation I find captivating.

Clarte:  If you could change the world in some way, what would you hope to do?

Kara:  To encourage others to live a more simple life in terms of the excessive nature of consumerism and be aware of their own footprint.

Clarte:  Who is someone that greatly impacted your life? How has this person changed your way of thinking prior to meeting them?

Kara:  At the moment, what I’m finding the most inspiring are the everyday salt-of-the-earth Australians I’m meeting as I travel around the country. So welcoming and friendly and approachable.

Clarte:  What projects do you foresee for yourself in the future?

Kara:  I’m working on a very exciting project at the moment which is taking me all around the country, capturing authentic Australian interiors.  That has been and will be a big part of my life for many months to come.  After that, who knows! Different opportunities can lead you down completely unexpected paths.

Clarte:  Any last thoughts?

Live simply.
Don't be swayed by trends.
Buy once.
Buy quality.

A special thank you to Kara. You’re photographs are lovely and so are you! xoxo

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  1. I like the question about motivation and discipline. Beating back the waves of doubt.
    I especially like the shot of the Motel at Sunset.
    Thank you for the interview!