Saturday, April 26, 2014


Hi All!

I've been really interested in decorating lately and caring more for the space I call home. I realized that I wanted to decorate my house, not by the trends of interior design, but with items that have history and meaning to me. I have always said "I would rather have a small place with lots of personal history rather than a large one with none." The world can so easily over complicate things and products; when sometimes the simplest or the one-of-a-kind gems we find are better than any copy. In progress...making my house a home. 

Flowers: from a friend. Dresser: owned by children from a family that moved back to their home in Isreal. Cards on Mirror: THREE wedding invitations from loved ones in Minnesota
 bell: under the lights, a gift given for Christmas when I was 6 years old
 Jewelry tree: handmade by me, White pot: from a friend along with the floral photograph on the wall
 Blue China: from Nick as a representation of the first set of dishes we share together, Floral China: from a family that had it in their family for generations
 black and white photo of Jesus: made from my Dad right before he sold his business
 painting: wood I found in a dumpster that I painted into this you see
 flowers: freshly picked from outside. sometimes the smaller vases are the ones I like the most, no need to oversize everything
 a view: looking out my window I can see my plants in bloom. I remember putting them in that pot from a small start
 glass: I remember having a glass of wine with a friend from this cup right before she moved to California. Now she is married and still living there

Basket: for a picnic or to hold blankets for guests. Light blue blanket: from grandparents. Painting: I made this painting by looking at a photograph of myself when I was about 2 years old on Halloween; wearing a dinosaur costume
 Blanket: from my aunt as a gift for graduation of confirmation. Lights: shopping trip with grandma
I've been told many times my home feels peaceful. The answer to why...because it's full of memories from all those I love---<3


  1. Spoke to grandma B. today.. She really liked the pictures of your place. Me too.. Love you

  2. Good, because I'm doing yours---<3