Thursday, September 19, 2013


Hi to all,
I hope you're all having a lovely week so far! Mine flew by and I have some interesting blog posts coming keep an eye out for those over the weekend. With the holidays coming there will be fun surprises to write and post pictures about. Since today is Thursday and the weekend is soon approaching..meaning more time to spend with family and friends, I wanted to share this heartfelt video a student of mine told me about. The video reminds me of the book I've been reading. The book is called Captivating, written by a man and wife speaking on the woman's soul and what she is designed for when created. I can sum up the book in three words...woman are relational. Because woman are relational people they tend to base their entire life on their "relationships", which in turn, defines them. (Have I lost any men reading this yet?? lol) I feel this video shows a perfect balance between two people in their relationship together and reminds us to simplify our lives with the people in it. I hope you enjoy it as much as I have<3


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